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Commercial Drywall

Need commercial drywall? You’re in the right place. Our staff is more than just contractors—we’re highly trained and experienced drywall experts with everything it takes to handle all your drywalling needs.

Drywall Contractor

Need great drywall work from trained and experienced contractors? You’ve come to the right place. At Foothills Drywall & Renovation, we’re the top drywall contractor in town, and we’re ready to give you outstanding work, amazing customer service, and top-notch results. From patch repair to whole-home installations, we have all your drywall needs covered.

Drywall Installation

Need drywall installation work that’s efficient, safe, effective, and professional? We’re a team of highly dedicated and expertly trained drywalling experts, and we’ll give you work that you can rely on, along with customer service that will make your day.

Drywall Repair

Need drywall repair that’s fast, safe, effective, and efficient? You need Foothills Drywall & Renovation. We’re a team of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals with everything it takes to make your drywall like new again.

Fiberglass/Roxyl Insulation Installation

Looking for the very best insulation services around? We have everything it takes to handle all your insulation needs. Plus, we’ll also give you the amazing customer service experience you deserve.

Mold Remediation

Looking for the best and easiest way to rid your property of mold? Foothills Drywall & Renovation is the answer. Only we have the skills, talents, and dedication to give you outstanding mold remediation as well as top-notch customer service.

Mold Removal

Every single person on our team of contractors has the skills, talent, good work ethic, and dedication to give you the best mold removal work ever. We always give it a hundred percent to ensure your property is mold-free, and we give you friendly attitudes that will make the experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Plaster Repair

Is your plaster in drastic need of repair? We’re more than just contractors—we’re highly trained and skilled professionals with all the talent and good work ethic it takes to handle all your needs.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Looking for the best local popcorn ceiling removal service? We have the experience, expertise and good work ethic to make your ceilings beautiful. What’s more, we also give you outstanding customer service and prices that you can afford.

Residential Drywall

Need drywalling services for your home? We’re a trained and skilled team of experts who know all there is to know about drywalling, and we’re ready to give you the incredible drywall work you need.

Wall Soundproofing

Need safe, effective, efficient soundproofing work from trained experts? Call Foothills Drywall & Renovation! We’re trained and skilled professionals with everything it takes to give you superior soundproofing work. What’s more, we’re also proud local residents, and we do everything we can to give our neighbors the great work they need.

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At Foothills Drywall & Renovations, we can proudly say that we test all workers every day before work to keep you and our workers safe.

All workers are fully vaccinated. Your safety is our priority!