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Cork Flooring

The right floors in your space can make all the difference. In any room, the right flooring can transform it from humdrum to unforgettable. These days our clients are looking more and more for a flooring material that can offer them a distinct feel that works with their particular design aesthetic while keeping costs to a minimum. Our suggestion is a flooring material that’s often overlooked, cork. Cork is a beautiful, versatile wood that is harvested sustainably from the bark of the cork tree. Cork flooring offers an array of pros, with some notable cons to keep in mind when thinking practically about your space. For our clientele, our trained professionals can walk you through the process, considerations and benefits of cork flooring installation in your commercial space or your residential property. To book a consultation or to request a quote, give us a call at (587) 968-7307 today.

Renewable, Beautiful and Simple Cork Flooring for the Design Conscious

There are a number of pros to cork flooring that may surprise you. For one, it’s actually shown to have remarkable health benefits. Cork contains natural anti-microbial properties, meaning that cork flooring not only makes a space more beautiful but also healthier. It’s optimal for people who have issues with air quality in their business.

A Gorgeous Floor That’s Also a Treat for the Feet

Another wonderful aspect of cork flooring is the indescribably lovely feeling of walking on it. If you’ve ever felt the cork of a wine bottle, you know that cork is a soft material which means that when you step on it, you’ll feel its natural give, creating a foot-feel experience that you’ll only find with cork floors. The same property that makes it such a joy to walk around on creates some of the practical considerations you’ll need to take before choosing cork as your flooring material. Because of its natural pliability, it’s recommended that you carefully assess how heavy your furniture is, making sure the floor is protected from your heavier pieces.

Extra Safe for Your Young Ones

Installing cork flooring is a great idea in a space that’s filled with the pitter patter of little feet. The natural softness of cork means that there’s a natural cushioning effect, making bumps and bruises from falling a little less common. It’s also a natural insulator for sound, so the noises of running around and the thumps and stomps of playtime are minimized in the spaces directly below them making them a perfect solution for kindergartens, recreation centers and other commercial spaces where children play.

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We’re more than happy to talk to our clients about what flooring material works best with their needs, whether the project is a commercial or residential undertaking. Our specialists can explain in more detail the pros and cons of cork flooring and the process of installation. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime! We look forward to talking about the endless possibilities available to you with our top of the line flooring business.

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